But dedicated is a fuzzy term. While some funds are truly dedicated, such guarantees are not always possible. In some instances, funds may be committed to the housing trust fund, but an elected body must still appropriate the funds each year. For example, a certain percentage of real estate transfer tax revenues may be committed to the trust fund by law, but the state legislature must still appropriate the funds during the budget process. So work for the most secure commitment of funds you can win. And remember that whatever a legislative body enacts as law can be undone in the same way, with a new law. So while we like to think of housing trust funds as permanent, they actually are not. Nonetheless, they are far more reliable than most of the alternatives. And, to date, only one housing trust fund with a dedicated source of revenue has been undone.
In addition to opening a brokerage account, you can also invest in peer-to-peer lending firms like Lending Club. I’ve been using Lending Club for a few years, and my net annualized return was 6.02% percent last year. Picking the right investments is easy since the platform offers automatic investing, but you can also pick your own notes if you're brave and want to learn the best ways to leverage the Lending Club platform.
A week later Bob joined me in Pensacola and he was still excited about me looking into network marketing. He suggested that the information I had gathered about the industry and the opportunity had been from individuals who were not successful and not on a path to success. He suggested that before I totally discard the idea that I should check it out by speaking with some successful network marketers. This seemed reasonable and coupled with the fact that I knew Bob was truly interested in helping me find exactly what I was looking for….I agreed.
Great post Jim. While it is convenient to lump the entire dividend income as one passive stream, in reality, it is several. If you have 30 companies across 10 major industry sectors, each paying you dividends, then you can consider having 30 streams or at least 10 passive streams, from each of the diverse industry sectors. I find this more diverse than relying on rental income from one investment property tied to one location and one good tenant. Your point about website is absolutely valid – will be great to have Ten Factorial Rocks worth 7 figures in less than 5 years as you have done!

If you happen to own a home, apartment, or office space, you have a great source for generating passive income at your fingertips. Peer-to-peer property rental site Airbnb has made it extremely easy for real estate owners to make extra money by renting out their homes to guests for short durations. If you're uncomfortable with such a model, you can also use sites like NestAway to find tenants for your property without having to deal with brokers.
Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) generates its revenues primarily from two sources, product sales, and services. The company’s da Vinci surgical systems have seen strong demand in the recent past, led by an expansion of procedures, and we expect this trend to continue in the near term. We have created an interactive dashboard ~ What Are Intuitive Surgical’s Key Sources of Revenue. You can adjust the revenue and margin drivers to see the impact on the company’s overall revenues, earnings, and price estimate. Below we discuss both the products, and the services business and outlook.

Revenue Variance AnalysisRevenue Variance AnalysisRevenue Variance Analysis is used to measure differences between actual sales and expected sales, based on sales volume metrics, sales mix metrics, and contribution margin calculations. Information obtained from Revenue Variance Analysis is important to organizations because it enables management to determine actual sales performance